Tips For Hiring A Bankruptcy Attorney

Posted on: 24 April 2018

Making the decision to file for bankruptcy can be very difficult. But, sometimes people get to the point where their debts are crippling and they have no possible means to pay them back or even keep up with minimum payments. Since bankruptcy is a complicated process, it is always in your best interest to hire a bankruptcy attorney like those at Haven Law Group, P.C. Use the following tips to hire an attorney for your bankruptcy case:

Avoid Waiting Until the Last Minute

When you know that bankruptcy is inevitable, start learning more about the bankruptcy attorneys in your area. If you wait until the last minute to hire an attorney, you may not be able to find an experienced attorney that is available or you won't give your attorney enough time to prepare your case. In addition, don't begin the bankruptcy process without having a lawyer hired. You will be in a much better position and the bankruptcy process will be smoother if you have an attorney before any paperwork or documents are submitted.

Don't Hire the Cheapest Attorney

If you're filing for bankruptcy, you most likely do not have a lot of disposable income. But for as something as important as a bankruptcy case, it is important not to just hire the cheapest attorney that you can find. It is a much better idea to invest a little bit more money in order to hire a highly experienced bankruptcy attorney who will be able to ensure that your case is handled properly. 

Ask Who Will Be Handling Your Case

In the event that you're choosing to hire an attorney from a large bankruptcy law firm, make sure you ask who will actually be handling your case. Many people make the mistake of having a consultation with an attorney and hiring him or her based on the information provided during the consultation, only to later find out that the case is mainly being handled by a junior associate or a paralegal. Before signing anything to retain a bankruptcy attorney, make sure that you have a clear understanding of who will be in charge of your case.

Understand Fees

It is essential to understand how much an attorney's fees are and what those fees include. When you're in a financially precarious situation, the last thing you want to do is hire an attorney assuming that you will pay one price, only to learn that the original price does not cover all of the expenses of filing for bankruptcy. Speaking clearly with an attorney about exactly how much it will cost to retain him or her will prevent unwanted financial stress. 


The Journey to Success

Ever since I was in college, I’ve been extremely interested in business. I like to follow and study what famous individuals do well or do poorly in their businesses and how they fix their mistakes. Recently I've been following different individuals who've faced various bankruptcy issues. Thankfully, they learned from their many past business mistakes. If bankruptcy had not been an option for them, who knows where these corporate role models would be today and how their businesses would be doing. On this blog, I hope you will learn how a bankruptcy attorney can help you improve your current financial situation.

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