What To Know About Your First Bankruptcy Appointment

Posted on: 14 February 2022

When you first make your appointment at the law office for a bankruptcy consultation, it can make you feel all types of feelings. You're anxious about getting it started, anxious about having to file for bankruptcy, and possibly even embarrassed about all of it. You aren't alone in these feelings, and most people feel this way about having to file for bankruptcy. To help you feel more at ease, there are things you should know about your bankruptcy appointment. Read on for information.

Be Prepared

Be prepared to openly discuss your finances and your situation, including how you got into the financial mess you are in in the first place. You will be talking about your income, as well as the assets you have and any other form of income you may have. You should be prepared to talk about these things and have some information with you on hand as well. The amount of debt you have, and the income you have will dictate what type of bankruptcy you can file - chapter 7 or chapter 13.

Gather Information

You're going to want to start gathering all of your bills beforehand to see exactly where you stand in your debt. You're going to need all of these things when you fill out your bankruptcy packet, which your attorney will give to you to fill out and return to the attorney. The packet will ask for information about all of your debts, including names of creditors and addresses, as well as what the debts are for and how much is owed. Start gathering this general information to help you be better informed at your appointment and when you do have to fill out this packet.

Have Payment Ready

You may be required to put money down on your bankruptcy, so be prepared to make a payment on the day of your appointment. Ask the law office when you make the appointment about how much is going to be required for the appointment itself and to file your bankruptcy to get it filed. Have this information so you can be well-informed and prepared.

If you are in debt and considering filing for bankruptcy, you should make an appointment with a law firm to discuss the options you have and what type of bankruptcy you may qualify for. If you are drowning in debt with no way out, you should consider bankruptcy. Make an appointment today to help you feel more at ease about your finances. 


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