Get Help Filing Or Re-Filing An Old Tax Return To Prevent Future Problems

Posted on: 23 August 2022

Have you received word from the IRS that a previous tax return is under review? Did you recently realize you made a mistake on an old tax return and you want to re-file the correct information? When filing old tax returns, it's generally a good idea to hire an expert to assist you with the paperwork. Whether that comes through hiring a lawyer or accountant might depend on your specific situation. In some cases, maybe you'll even need both. Here's how hiring one or more tax experts to assist you with your old tax returns can help you get through your current situation and avoid future problems.

You Might Not Remember What the Law or IRS Rules Required During a Previous Tax Year

If you need to amend an old tax return or respond to an IRS letter about a previous filing, keep in mind that anything you submit must play by whatever the rules were for the tax year in question. You might be used to filing a certain way thanks to recent changes made to tax law by the federal government, but using this information for an old tax return might be a mistake. A tax or legal expert will help you ensure you do everything by the book and avoid getting even more scrutiny from the IRS.

Making a Mistake When Filing Old Tax Returns Could Get You Charged Interest or a Penalty That's Back Dated to That Tax Year

Beyond possible legal exposure, messing up your old tax returns could also cost you financially as well. If you mess something up and the IRS decides to assess a new or additional penalty to your tax account, the interest or fees might be backdated all the way to the previous tax year. This could result in an even higher tax bill or penalty that you'd have to deal with. If you are already in trouble with your taxes, the last thing you want to do is make the situation even worse for yourself.

The Right Expert Might Be Able to Help You Reduce Your Tax Payments or Get Rid of Additional Penalties

By hiring the right tax attorney, accountant, or another expert for your specific situation, you may even be able to push back against what the IRS is telling you about your past returns. The IRS makes mistakes sometimes, and a tax expert may notice something you have not. It's possible your expert could come up with a way to file this old return that would actually reduce your interest or penalties and more than make up for the cost of hiring their help.

For more information on filing old tax returns, contact a professional near you.


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