• Get Help Filing Or Re-Filing An Old Tax Return To Prevent Future Problems

    Have you received word from the IRS that a previous tax return is under review? Did you recently realize you made a mistake on an old tax return and you want to re-file the correct information? When filing old tax returns, it's generally a good idea to hire an expert to assist you with the paperwork. Whether that comes through hiring a lawyer or accountant might depend on your specific situation.
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  • What To Know About Your First Bankruptcy Appointment

    When you first make your appointment at the law office for a bankruptcy consultation, it can make you feel all types of feelings. You're anxious about getting it started, anxious about having to file for bankruptcy, and possibly even embarrassed about all of it. You aren't alone in these feelings, and most people feel this way about having to file for bankruptcy. To help you feel more at ease, there are things you should know about your bankruptcy appointment.
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