• Prepare Yourself For These Post-Bankruptcy Credit Issues

    Bankruptcy is meant to be a fresh start for those who've had no choice but to declare bankruptcy. While bankruptcy can impact your ability to get a home or car loan in the future, it doesn't have to be the end of credit use entirely. The below tips can help ensure that your bankruptcy filing gives you a second chance at using credit wisely. Pay Your Bills  It sounds like common sense, but the importance of paying bills on time every single time helps in more ways than one.
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  • Fighting Foreclosure: Key Considerations

    Every homeowner faces the possibility of foreclosure when they are in serious financial difficulties and are unable to meet their mortgage obligations. You are not obligated to simply meekly accept the foreclosure process, however. Using the legal system to fight the foreclosure is also an option. The following article examines some of the key considerations involved when decide to contest a foreclosure. Judicial vs. Nonjudicial A critical point concerning home foreclosure and the law is whether the foreclosure is judicial or non-judicial.
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