• What Every Parent Needs To Know About Children And Their Credit Scores

    Most consumers understand how their credit score affects their access to things like loans, insurance, and apartment rentals. However, what many consumers don't understand is the risk facing minors. When you don't monitor your child's credit history, he or she is at risk of identity theft and the potential for a host of negative accounts. When this happens, it can mean years of struggling to restore their good standing even though they weren't the ones who damaged it.
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  • Bankruptcy Fraud: Why It's a Bad Idea to Pay Your Student Loans with a Credit Card

    When money is tight and your student loan is due, it can be tempting to bust out your credit card in an attempt to avoid late fees. However, doing so could be a big mistake if you fall far behind on your bills and are forced to file bankruptcy. Read on to learn how paying your student loans with your credit card could result in you being charged with bankruptcy fraud.
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  • Do You Qualify to Discharge Your Student Loan Debt in Bankruptcy?

    If you are struggling with student loan debt and are unable to meet your other financial obligations, you may be think the debt will follow you to your grave. You've probably been told that student loans cannot be forgiven in bankruptcy and have closed the door to that solution. However, the good news is that under some circumstances student loan debt can be discharged in bankruptcy. Find out if you are likely to qualify and what you need to do about it.
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