Tips For Hiring A Bankruptcy Attorney

Posted on: 24 April 2018

Making the decision to file for bankruptcy can be very difficult. But, sometimes people get to the point where their debts are crippling and they have no possible means to pay them back or even keep up with minimum payments. Since bankruptcy is a complicated process, it is always in your best interest to hire a bankruptcy attorney like those at Haven Law Group, P.C. Use the following tips to hire an attorney for your bankruptcy case:
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Four Things You Should Know If You Are Contemplating Bankruptcy

Posted on: 27 February 2018

Your personal finances may be at a point where you see no way out other than a bankruptcy. You probably know that it will damage your credit rating for several years, but at least you will get a fresh start. However, there are a few things you should know about bankruptcy. You need to qualify for bankruptcy It's not simply a question of deciding to file for bankruptcy; you must qualify.
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Is It Time To File Again? Understanding Bankruptcy Filing Limits

Posted on: 6 January 2018

It's helpful to know that there are no limits on how many times you can file for bankruptcy. As long as you are qualified and have waited long enough, you will be allowed to file, whether that's 2 time or 10 times. The time limits listed below are all based on the date that your most recent bankruptcy was final, not the date that you first filed your paperwork. Read on to learn how long you must wait after both chapter 7 and 13 bankruptcies tofile again.
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Are Your Retirement Plans Part Of Your Bankruptcy?

Posted on: 1 November 2017

One of the concerns that bankruptcy filers have is whether their retirement plans will be safe from the trustee. The trustee has the responsibility of reviewing your assets and determining if any of them could be put towards paying your debts. Depending on the type of retirement plan you have, there is a possibility that it is not safe. If you are planning to file for bankruptcy, here is what you need to know to protect your retirement plan:
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